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RUSSIAN AND CHINA’s EURASIAN PROJECT by A.I.Salitski, Dr.Sc. (Economics), Primakov Institute of World Economy and Inter- national Relations, Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS); N.K.Semenova, Institute of Oriental Studies, RAS
Keywords: Russia, China, Economic Belt of the Silk Road, export of capital
The article gives a brief overview of the emergence and development of Chinese world project - «Joint construction of Economic Belt Silk Road and the Maritime Silk Road of the XXI c.». The authors consider vector, logic and consequences of this activity for the reclaimed areas, Chinese initiative to finance «One belt - one road» project. It’s underlined that Beijing is ready to make major investments into new international development banks and funds.
Five priorities of cooperation between those to will participate in the project are discussed, taking into account the balance of the current capabilities of the PRC and the partner countries’ needs.
The expert evaluation of the priorities of the project «Silk Belt» from the point of view of Russian interests is provided. According to the authors, the Chinese «silk» initiative has not yet received an adequate assessment in Russia. Meanwhile, the participation of our country in the China project is a prerequisite for a vigorous restructuring of Russian-Chinese relations. It will enrich their content meets the spirit of the time.