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«ISLAMIC STATE»: ITS ORIGIN AND PROSPECTS by B.V.Dolgov, PhD (History), Institute of Oriental Studies, RAS
Keywords: «Islamic state», Islamist ideology, the «Arab Spring», the Syrian crisis
The ideologues of doctrine of the Islamic State declare that their doctrine based on the «eternal and just laws of the Koran» is an alternative to «the West which is wrong and mired in the evils». That is why their doctrine continues to attract attention of not only Muslims, but also people of other civilizations.
The aggravation of the socio-economic problems, taking place in the Arab-Muslim world, and, to a sufficient degree in the EU and the United States, where the crisis also affects the spiritual realm of the Western post-Christian society contributes to popularity of this doctrine.
Expansion of the terrorist organization «Islamic state» (IG) can significantly destabilize the situation in the region. This primarily relates to Libya, where the central government does not control the entire country. In the certain part of its territory Islamist leaders proclaimed adherence to the IG.